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Installation of Crystal Series Products.

  •  Tech-savvy users can install the products themselves.
  •  No major components have to be removed from the vehicle during installation.
  •  The 12V vehicle battery or batteries must be disconnected before installation.
  •  If you are unsure if you can do it, watch the videos and look at the BMW repair manual for your car (see link below).
  •  Let an independent BMW workshop do the job if you think it looks too difficult. 

Installation Videos & Installation Instructions.

Printed installation instructions are provided with the products. The latest electronic versions can be downloaded below. The level of difficulty for the installation is measured on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is very easy and 5 is more difficult.

WARNING! Disconnect negative cable for vehicle battery/batteries before starting installation!

All vehicle 12V batteries must be disconnected before installation of the Crystal Series products. If this is ignored, there is risk of short circuit in the center console that may render the car undrivable! There is usually one or two 12V batteries in the applicable BMW models, in the trunk and/or under the hood. Only the negative cable needs to be disconnected. The positive cable can stay connected. No particular reset procedure is required when reconnecting the cables, but you may have to set the clock and make some minor adjustments.

Link to BMW repair manual ($30 for 1-day access)

To locate the battery/batteries for your specific BMW model/engine version, click the link above and select your BMW model or enter your VIN number. Then click on:
Repair Manuals and Technical Data -->
General vehicle electric system
Disconnecting and connecting battery earth lead

For vehicles with plug-in-hybrid or mild hybrid (48V) battery systems, these systems must be disabled before the 12V battery/batteries can be disconnected. Therefore, only authorized workshops are permitted to perform installations in these vehicles!

Multimedia Controller Knob

Installation instruction (PDF)
Installation time: 30 min  Difficulty: 3  

Start/Stop Button

Installation instruction (PDF)

Installation time: 15 min  Difficulty: 2 Satisfying result!

Gear Shift Knob

Installation instruction (PDF)

Installation time: 30 min  Difficulty: 3 A short T10 torx hex key is required for the installation.

Installation Instructions Update.

July 22, 2020: Please ignore printed instructions for Multimedia Controller Knob and follow instructions in link instead!
As some customers have suggested, it may be easier not to unplug the ribbon cable, so we adopted this in the instructions.

August 26, 2020: New recommendations from the manufacturer were issued, detailing that vehicle batteries must be disconnected before installation of all Crystal Series products, not just the Crystal Gear Shift Knob.

August 28, 2020: When installing the Start/Stop Button, it is recommended that you let the sticky rubber set for about 5 minutes after you have attached and formed it, before trying to pull out the original start button. This will make the material stronger. If this does not work either, you can heat up the original start button slightly with a hairdryer set on Low before attaching the rubber.

Compatibility Update.

August 28, 2020: Gear Shift Knob lights. Your BMW was shipped from the factory with the base gear lever with just one light (the P button). Our product uses the available voltage primarily to power the model logo with a bright white light. The remainder is used for the P button. It will light up with an amber light, the intensity will depend on model and equipment level. (If you were to install BMW:s crystal gear shift knob, only the P button would light up, not the model logo.)