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What happens to my BMW factory warranty if I install your parts in my BMW?

Our parts work as cosmetic upgrades and will not affect the functions of your BMW, if installed correctly. Therefore, your factory warranty will still be valid.

What if I install your products in a leased BMW?

For a leased car, you will have to restore any upgrades you have done before you return it after the lease. So save your BMW OEM parts.

Are your products legal?


Many companies are selling aftermarket parts for BMW cars, without legal issues. We have been careful not to infringe on any BMW trademarks or copyrights.

What are the differences between your products and other similar products that I can find online?

The quality of aftermarket products for BMW:s varies a lot. Our products are developed, designed and selected to meet BMW quality requirements, with the same materials that BMW use in their products. Only the highest tier quality of product is selected for the North American market. Compatibility is rigorously tested.

What does your 1-year warranty cover?

Our 1-year warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for parts. If you used a BMW workshop for installation, please check with them regarding warranty on labor.

Why should I buy from Car Analysis if I can get a similar product for a lower price from another vendor? Our products are extensively tested, of top-level quality and covered by warranty. We are local in the U.S., providing expedited shipping and responsive customer support, including detailed installation instructions and videos.
Why should I buy from Car Analysis instead of buying BMW OEM parts? BMW does not offer Glass Controls for 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, X3, X4, Z4 and i4. Installing BMW OEM parts may require coding of the car that could be vulnerable during future software updates. The Crystal Gear Selector is superior to BMW:s product. The arrows on BMW:s Crystal iDrive knob are not lit.
Do I have to use a BMW shop for installation of the products, or can I install myself? We recommend that you let an independent BMW workshop do the job, unless you yourself are a qualified technician.